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Hi. I’m Devorah, the chief artist at Creative Art Consultants. I’ve invested 10 years mastering many styles and techniques. For the past 3 years I’ve traveled nationwide to teach art. Because art is more than my talent. It’s my passion. Over the years, I noticed that the hospitality sector benefited greatly from exquisite paintings. These paintings became a focal point, something to talk about that brought their customers back again and again. After much research I set myself a goal. I was on a mission to establish an art consultancy that would reduce:
-carbon emissions
I’m proud to say I’ve reached my goal.
Now it’s your turn.
Set a goal of providing the most luxurious vacation for your clients.
Let’s reach your goal. Together.

Beauty. Quality. Sustainability.

See it in our paintings.

Luxury redefined.

Elegant paintings

We want your clients to feel the luxury and inhale the opulence.

Because your clients deserve to experience the sheer joy of a Creative Art consultant’s painting.

Global friendly

In a world where resources are running out, it’s crucial that we do our part to protect the environment.

Show your care for our planet by asking for our sustainable option.

Customer centric

It’s all about you!

At Creative Art Consultants we pride ourselves in painting artwork specific to our clients requirements.



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