Creative Art Consultants

The art of a quality painting.

Let your clients enjoy a transformative experience.

Exquisite paintings.
There’ll be a buzz. An excitement. A focus.
These masterpieces will be calming, rejuvenating and powerful.
Acquire these paintings for your hotel, office or building.
Now, you can host in style and create magical moments for your clients.

We are ready to paint.
Ready to create.
Ready to talk.
Are you ready for magic?

Devorah Neumann Creative Art Consultants•


The painted canvas speaks  where no words are able to explain


proud members of the HCI group

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Here’s why

We care about you

We value our customers and are flexible to their needs. We paint on the materials you require, with the style and color to match your rooms.

We ship worldwide

Your location shouldn’t limit you to amateur artwork. With Creative Art Consultants,  regardless of where you live, you’ll have the most exquisite artwork.

We price realistically

With Creative Art Consultants,
Magnificent artwork is sustainable and affordable. Our giclee print option means that you can have matching, uniformed artwork for many rooms at a fraction of the price of an actual painting.

We Reduce Carbon emissions

You can save the world’s precious resources. We support local businesses resulting in: Less travel. Less carbon emissions. Less waste.

“Pieces of art that appeal to all.”

Devora’s talent is so versatile that whatever location or your preferences are she will adapt. The pieces of art are unique that they will compliment any contemporary or classical setting. We have a few pieces from Devorah and they are all appreciated. I have yet to find any other artist offering pieces of art that appeal to all.

Jacob Eckstein

Director, HCI


As a generous host you want to provide your clients with a memorable experience.

Instead of:

Unpleasant furnishings.
Featureless Decor.
Distasteful artwork.

We’ll create showstoppers for your bare walls that will keep your clients coming back again and again.

Host well.
Host elegantly
Host in style.

Yes. I want to host magically.

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